Friday, November 23, 2012

St. Croix - Sugar Mill

Sugar production in the USVI's was an important part of the economy of the territory for over 200 years. Long before the islands became part of the U.S (in 1917), the islands - in particular St. Croix was exploited by the Danish from the early 1700's and within the next 100 years, over 30,000 acres were under cultivation. 
Since 1966 with the closing of the last sugar factory on St. Croix, the industry is all but a memory. However, many of these magnificent ruins remain and are commonly used today as backdrops for weddings or as the center and starting piece when building a lavish holiday home for the wealthy.
A sunny day led me, Alpie, my camera and some active kids to one of the better preserved ones on the island. 

Looking up from the inside of the mill 

The combination of children and animals always make for such beautiful, natural photos

Alpie was having a ball

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