Saturday, January 11, 2014

Island of Aloha

What a wonderful holiday.. so relaxing, yet full of activity. I have been to Hawai'i several times, but each time I look at it through different eyes. Having lived on a little island now for several years, I was able to draw a lot of comparisons and differences. The Aloha spirit is very much alive and kicking,  and it was wonderful to be able to immerse myself in the daily life of a Hawaiian, being here with family.

These first few pics are of Pearl Harbor. They held a Christmas boat parade display, where we were able to see all the ships lit up with Christmas lights.

Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetary... a beautiful, serene spot right around the corner from Popo's apartment. I could definitely see myself visiting here more often if I lived in the neighborhood.

Christmas Day!

Hike to Manoa Falls - this is a pretty popular hike, and in fact, Obama hiked the trail just one day before we did. It is beautiful, a real jungle and from memory, a popular film location for those reasons (Jurassic Park, Lost).

My Birthday - thank you to everyone for making it wonderful! I had a great day with a family outing and sightseeing trip of Oahu island, starting with the "Blowhole"

One of many beautiful scenic spots

Haleiwa Beach...a favorite spot among the locals. I joined them on the boogie board!

...and got thrashed by the waves :)

Oh, and how I got knocked down... sand in every crevice of my body...but I could still get up and wave!

Chinaman's Hat Beach Park - what a beautiful sight! I would've loved to spend the entire day here if possible.

Chinaman with his China hat!

The rugged North Shore - and it's 20 ft. waves

Last stop of the day: Dole Pineapple Plantation. What a colorful, beautiful Eucalytus tree this is, isnt it?

Now, some of the best till last.. these pictures were taken on the day I left Hawai'i. NYE was spent getting to bed early, and waking up early to be one of the first in the water (ok, along with the surfers) to catch the first fish of the season!

The craggy peak that you see in the distance is Diamond Head, a crater.