Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Sunday!

This Sunday was spent researching and studying, for the lead up of my article and drivers license test tomorrow morning. With breaks between the rain, Alpie and I would go for a drive in the new ride, and take some photos of pretty scenery. This particular flower, the "Poor Man's Orchid" is flowering like crazy right now in our yard! Isnt it beautiful?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Some recent work...

I know I've been talking with you all about the work I've been getting, so I thought I'd share some of it with you. I've been concentrating mainly on start-up company's logo designs, and re-branding for existing companies. The designs below have been a mixture of both.
 I'm very excited about some new things are in the works with an international company too...more to follow...

Italian restaurant/bar in Sydney had a very 'typical' Italian restaurant logo...if you know what I mean. They wanted something modern, fresh and incorporating food and wine tied to Italy in some way.

Dazzlin Dogs Day Spa is a mobile dog grooming service in Toowoomba
 that wanted a makeover of their current logo. They had requested their original logo colors to included in the new design, but wanted something elongated that they could also get printed on adhesive to put on the side of their vehicle.

This design was created for a 32 year old accountant that had been stuck in the same job for the last 14 years. He was sick of being at a desk and decided to go on a round the world trip to experience as many new and unique experiences he possibly could, documenting everything on an online blog. This logo was created to signify all of the new stimuli he was receiving on a daily basis and breaking out of the everyday bubble of work and the office.

Step into Womanhood is a brand new organisation in Australia that focuses on girls 'Coming of Age'. They provide education, art therapy, movement/dance classes and mother/daughter retreats to countries like Bali. They were looking for a feminine (but not girly) logo for their website and print materials. 

Autorealty Consulting is a home design company based in South Australia. They produce sustainable housing designs using modular construction to create energy efficient housing. They wanted a clean, modern and sleek look to represent their business.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Caribbean Sunrise

Getting out of bed in the morning is really not difficult when you have this view to take photos of!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Little Princesse Hill House

One of the things we've had to work through lately was finding yet another dwelling, making this place #5 on St. Croix in the 3 years that we've lived here.
Oh sure, there is plenty available, but cut out around 75% of them when you have an animal. Then cut out another 10% if you're looking for something that costs less than a small fortune and then take out another 14% if you're looking for something clean, a nice landlord and in an acceptable area. Yep, that's where we stood and we still had not locked down another place with just 2 weeks until the big move out date.
Once again, our trusted realtor from Sotheby's stepped in and made the search a lot easier, and more bearable for us. It was just the second house that she showed us and we were set. Unfortunately we wont be living next door to our friends, or have the soothing moo's of the cows putting us to sleep, but we'll be overlooking the North Shore, Buck Island and be able to use a pool and hot tub (spa) at no additional cost to us (it runs off the main house's meter). 
A cottage, high up on Little Princesse Hill will be our new home for the next year!