Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Facebook Connections

This photo depicts all of the connections that have been made between people on Facebook throughout time, throughout the world. To think that Geoff and I re-connected after a long time of not hearing from eachother, and having lost eachother's email address and phone number. Like I like to remind him all the time..."If it wasnt for Facebook....." :-)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Good Morning!

Yet another gorgeous sunrise from our porch. Good Morning, World!


Geoff was so excited to pick up a cheap fishing pole and mini tackle kit at the local grocery store....about six months ago. After sitting around and collecting dust, we finally pulled the rod out of it's packet and broke it in. The "Molasses Pier" in St. Croix has a docking space for cable vessels, molasses and aggregate vessels. There is also a roll on/roll off ramp but the main purpose of the pier is to support the tanker vessels that import molasses to the V.I. Rum Industry. Needless to say, there are some pretty fat, healthy fish swimming around here!  

Well, the only thing that our $20 fishing pole earned us was a sprained wrist and filthy Alpie - but up until then it was fun! We wont let our first experience get the better of us.. but we may just stay away from the algae covered rocks for now.

Harvest Moon

Thursday was Harvest Moon, and what a spectacular sight we had from our balcony! I tried to stay awake to go the the "Full Moon Yoga", held every full moon night down at the Christiansted Fort, but sleep was calling me at 9pm! I'll aim again for next month's...