Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sea to Shining Sea - A 48 Hour "Fun" (Mileage) Run pt. 2 Hawaii

AA 267 (757-2) Seat: 5F
Depart: LAX 6:20 PM
Arrive: HNL 8:39 PM

With 30 minutes to go I started to make my way to the gate only to see final boarding displayed on the screens, can’t be right I thought, but sure enough as I settled into my old brown seat I noticed that I was the last to take my seat in the front cabin. Was nice to see there were 4 soldiers up front that had all been comp upgraded by AA as there were seats free. This is the first time I've experienced first / business class to Hawaii on one of the legacy carriers and I was impressed to see the additional level of detail and service that they have on these flights to try and fight for what must be a lucrative slice of air travel pie. Menus and preflight beverages (including choice of “champagne”) were soon distributed and with an on time pushback we were on our way.

 Mains by Sam Choy

While we were climbing out of the Los Angeles basin chasing towards the rapidly setting sun the FAs were already up and about taking meal and drink orders.

I went with the Pinot Grigio as it sounded nice and would hopefully pair well with my chicken, but first I had to eat my rabbit food.

Salad with delicious ginger vinaigrette

Honestly I have to say that AA has some great salad dressings though, this ginger vinaigrette was definitely an all-time top 5 for salad dressings anywhere! They should start bottling and selling a line of signature dressings, could be a great revenue generator…

Sorry no photo of the main, the chicken was about 2/3rds gone by the time I thought about it and no one wants a photo of what was on the plate! J

A short break ensued allowing us to finish our wine from dinner before it was sundae time; hot fudge, pineapple, strawberry, whipped cream, crushed nuts…oh the choices but in the end it wasn’t hard. Hot fudge, pineapple and whipped cream. I really liked how the FAs seemed to take extra care in keeping all ingredients separate to avoid any cross contamination, especially from the nuts for me!

Mmmm...Pineapple, hot fudge!

All the dishes were nicely garnished with a purple orchid, seemed like a fresh flower each time and it felt almost like we were flying on Hawaiian Airlines instead. I wonder if they still have an orchid on each meal as they did in the good old days, seems like we’ll need to try their non-stop JFK-HNL flight when we visit family next year and find out.

By this time we were well and truly losers in our quest to chase the sun and were nearing Hawaii in complete darkness, it was great to see the soldiers having such a good time and I later learned it was not only their first time in first class but also some of their first times on a flight longer than an hour or so! Again 2 thumbs up to AA for their support of our troops, we can’t thank them enough and it’s nice to see companies be on board with that too. We landed disappointingly on runway 4R therefore missing one of the best parts of flying to Hawaii, landing on the reef runway. We were soon at the gate and after deplaning I made my way to Avis to grab a car before going to see Dad and Popo and try to enjoy the 14 hours I had in paradise.

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