Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mohnkuchen Streusel!

My very first attempt at making one of my all-time favorite cakes...Mohnkuchen (German Poppyseed Cake). My grandma in Germany thought it was somewhat of a strange request when all I asked for, for Easter this year was poppyseeds...lots of them..poppyseed in bulk is unavailable here in the Caribbean and importing would've cost upwards of $150 for one cake's worth!
So yes, these poppyseeds have been waiting to be baked for quite a while now.. and today was the day! The hot climate here made for some difficult streusel-making, as the butter needed to be kept cold at all times, but actually the streusel is what turned out the best! As you can see, the crust turned out a lot thicker than expected, but it ended up being the best part of this experiment...warm and crusty, almost like bread. 
Definately not Omi's Mohnkuchen (that will have to wait until my next trip to Australia or Germany), but still not bad for an afternoon's worth of work.
Now....time to go and watch the new James Bond! :)

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