Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Years Resolution - Day 1 complete.

I'm not one for big parties and celebrations usually, but observing two "New Years" is definitely something I look forward to, having now married into a Chinese family. Not only is is a good excuse to cook a big bowl of yummy noodles (long noodle=long life) regardless of what the day brings, but its also an opportunity to re-make those New Years resolutions that have been already broken, or create some new ones if you're still going strong on the 1st of January ones.
Luckily, this year I fell into the latter category despite my hectic work schedule, travel and medical stuff that our little family has been dealing with a lot of recently. So this years resolution that I am setting myself for the Year of the Horse, is to educate myself and further my learning in order to really boost my home business. I threw myself in the deep end today and opened up Adobe InDesign for the first time in literally, MONTHS (if not longer) and searched for a beginner's tutorial online to get the gears back in motion and the brain fluid moving. About 3 hours later and "boom" - experimental book design done and dusted. 
Your thoughts?

*Special thanks to Jiuzhai Valley National Park and CITS for info and verbiage.

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