Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lederhosen for Halloween

So, finally I experienced what this Hallmark holiday is alllll about. Having been in the States for many-a- Halloween's before, neither Geoff nor myself have ever made a big deal of it, but this year - our friends would'nt let us get away with spending the night in!
Costumes? No problem - they even supplied those for us, and how fitting for this German girl....lederhosen...although not your typical ones! We got matching his-and-her outfits and despite Geoff's protests, he even went as far as parting his hair and using HAIRSPRAY (I still cant believe it!). 
However, could'nt lose the flip-flops :-)

All in all it was great Halloween bash and if it was like this every year, I'd definitely participate in more parties...attendees brought their dogs, there was tonnes of food and all sorts of ancient games like Cornhole AKA Bean bag Toss ( were played.

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