Monday, September 10, 2012

Sailing Adventure to Buck Island

Yes, you have all heard about Buck Island before.. I know :-) But yesterday we did it for the first time ever on a sailboat..and a nice, 40ft one at that. I thought simply being out on the water was relaxing, but sailing takes relaxation to a whole 'nother level! No engine noise, no fumes..just the sound of the waves!
One of Geoff's co-workers, John, took us out on a boat that he looks after, along with his friend Eric, a  pilot for one of the local seaplane companies here in the Caribbean.

(Note; as much as I love Photoshop, none of these pics have been edited, although they certainly may look like they have. The colors, clarity and contrast is true - as I wanted to give you a real impression of what Caribbean waters are like!

Sailing towards Buck Island...

Ahh...there it is

Yay! Rope swing fun! Going....



Our captain relaxing, Geoff cooking up lunch for us

Pork ribs and chicken is up on the menu today. Yum!

After several hours of rope swinging, swimming, floating, reading and relaxing, it was time to say goodbye to our beautiful island and head home into the sunset

And WHAT a sunset it turned out to be!

Geoff and Eric tying up the last of the sails...

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