Saturday, August 25, 2012

Grange Gardens/Stock/Estate & South Shore

A few questions about our neighborhood have come up the last couple of weeks, so here are a few more pictures that will hopefully give a better indication of the surroundings of our new home.
This first picture is of a sign on South Shore Rd., which is the main road where "Many Paws" (our road) turns off from. Sometime cows/bulls wander up to our neighborhood and royally upset the farmers for stomping all over their crops. Apparently, no one has claimed them theirs, therefore, we are entitled to make burgers and steaks out of the next one that crosses our property.

"Many Paws"... a self-named road which has now become official. It describes the neighborhood well however, as almost everyone has a dog (or eleven!)

"Slow Mon"... the sign leading up to our turnoff

Heres a close-up:

"Many Paws" Rd. As you can see, we are still having dark, grey and drizzly weather a couple of days after Isaac passed.

The ArtFarm, just minutes from our house. Once they have produce back in season, I plan on doing our fruit & veg shopping here more often.

"Big Momma Gennie" - as Papa calls it :-) The name's now stuck and has become our savior with St. Croix's frequent power outages. We've already been informed that we'll be the hosts for the next hurricane party.

View from our porch... overlooking our neighbors pond (where she grows Tilapia...and mosquitoes!!) and the otherwise peacefulness of Grange Stock/Estate/Gardens (depending on who you ask).

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